Named Router

This article, we’re going to work with named router with Flutter. To do that, first we need to create a new flutter project

flutter create navigate
cd navigate

Next, we need to create new pages called first, second, third as we did on our previous article.

Named Routes declaration

    routes: {
        '/': (context) => FirstPage(),
        '/second': (context) => SecondPage(),
        '/third': (context) => ThirdPage(),


we have declared routes with key, value based. key is a route name (like ‘/’, ‘/second’, ‘/third’) and value is a page where we want to navigate

Now you can call Named Routes using these lines

Navigator.pushNamed(context, 'routeName');
Navigator.pushNamed(context, '/second');

As a result, our page code will be like this

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

class FirstPage extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    // TODO: implement build
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(title: Text("First Page")),
      body: Center(
        child: Column(
            children: <Widget>[
              Text("First Page"),
                  child: Text("Goto Page 2"),
                  onPressed: () => Navigator.pushNamed(context, '/second'))

Flutter Navigation Screeshots

Passing Data Between pages using flutter named routes

We all know, moving from one page to another page is not enought without passing a data. This example, we’re going build a product catalog project for learning pass data between two pages. To do that, first we need to create a new modal class for our product information.


class Product{
  final String name;
  final double price;
  final String img;

  Product({, this.price, this.img});

Then We have to create a our Product List on our first page (first.dart) for displaying product list.

List<Product> _products = [
    Product(name: "iPhone X", price: 60000, img: ""),
    Product(name: "Samsung Galaxy A10", price: 19000, img: ""),
    Product(name: "Honor 8C ", price: 13000, img: ""),

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Using this list of data, we can create a list with ListView.builder()

  itemCount: _products.length,
  itemBuilder: (context, index){
    return ListTile(
      title: Text(_products[index].name),
      onTap: (){
       // code here

when single product clicked, we need to pass our data to next page using Navigator.pushNamed(), where it takes 3rd parameter for argurments. Here we have passed Product with every tap

  arguments: Product(name: _products[index].name, price: _products[index].price, img: _products[index].img),

Let’s create new page called product-detail.dart & receive data using ModalRoute.of(context).settings.arguments & Store into _productInfo

final Product _productInfo = ModalRoute.of(context).settings.arguments;


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